Robert Williams

CEO - REW Prosperity Marketing in Winchester, Virginia

Robert Williams

CEO - REW Prosperity Marketing in Winchester, Virginia

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God Will Direct Your Journey:

The Christian life can be likened to a journey. The Holy Spirit is our guide, He leads us daily. And He is always guiding us to what is best for our life.

Hi, my name is Robert Williams. I'm the founder of REW Prosperity Marketing, specializing in "Relationship and Attraction Marketing" methods to help people create Time/Financial Freedom!

The key to a successful and enjoyable journey is to put God First, follow Him.

But what does it mean to follow God?

Basically, it means to obey Him, to follow His lead, and to do what He says.

So many times we get ahead of God. We may think we know the best direction to take or we get impatient with His timing and make a wrong turn because it looks quicker. The problem is, once we realize that road leads to a dead end, we have to go all the way back to where we got off course.

The good news is, God is there, waiting to take the lead again and show us the right way to go.

The Lord has each of our journeys perfectly planned. We need to fully understand that He loves us, that He is good and righteous and that we can trust Him.

We can trust Him to lead us in the direction that is right for us. We can trust Him to correct us when we stray and guide us back to the right place. We can trust Him with others on our path. We can trust Him with our life, period.

Follow the Holy Spirit's lead, because He knows the way and He will always stay with you. Trust Him to lead you into all the good He planned for your life long before you were ever born. And enjoy the journey.

There is something bigger and better than us. I am using this page as a platform to spread the word about living your passion, living your dreams, following your heart and most of all to help each other.

This platform, the internet, is a way to touch millions of people, to help them live a happier, healthier, and wealthier life!

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Hello Robert, I just recently returned back to the Four Percent. It's much easier now that there is an easy daily action plan to follow. It helps me stay focus. :-). I made my first $122.19 in my first week! Not much but I see the potential and other testimonial in the Facebook group. I'm pumped to get the Internet Traffic Mastery
Incredible! I am finally making money. I have been marketing online for 7 years, but never made a single dime. Thanks to your patient and support!
I love you blog! It is so informative and easy to follow. Thanks for the sneak-peep of the VIP Free Traffic Blueprint! I can't wait to get it.